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Founded in 2003 by marketers with a vision of how to make email more safe and effective, LashBack has grown to become an authority and go-to resource for email compliance and intelligence.

LashBack is a patent-holder with a long history of innovation, collecting and leveraging data, and advocating for best practices. We continue to focus on creative ways to bring insights to our clients with services spanning every aspect of email marketing and a recent expansion into additional digital marketing channels. Whether you represent a large brand or are just getting started -- are more focused on risk or growth -- we have the information and services to help you accomplish your objectives.



ComplianceMonitor provides unique visibility into the actions of email partners and enables businesses to better manage risk, ensure good business practices and hold partners accountable.


BrandAlert is a discovery platform for competitive intelligence and brand protection. It provides the ability to search more than 100 million recent messages for actionable insights ranging from the misuse of your brand to the inboxing of your competitors.


Managing seed messages is critical, but time-consuming. ListMonitor provides a single, easy-to-use interface to manage seeds with the ability to sort, search, filter, categorize, create alerts, and export data.


The PartnerIntelligence suite of services provides an unprecedented level of visibility into email marketing practices. It is a next-level solution for finding and vetting potential partners and optimizing your current partners.


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