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Be A Jazzro Independent Sales Agent.


High-income earners include direct sales professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, independent sales agents (real estate, mortgage, insurance), advertising agents, retail sales professionals, college students, recent graduates, teachers, coaches and homepreneurs to name a few.


Earn money as an Advocate

Jazzro Advocates don’t just talk Jazzro, they use it!

Our Advocate program is a revenue sharing network. A Jazzro Advocate signs up new users who in turn become Advocates by signing up users creating a downline many levels deep. Advocates earn a one time sign up bonus and commission when the users in their downline purchase subscriptions of Jazzro services. Advocates can earn a significant level of income by promoting Jazzro while using all the great services Jazzro has to offer!

Become an Advocate and you can help people connect through Jazzro while benefiting from growing your team of Advocates.

Wealth and Residual Income

Jazzro’s Advocate program is a revenue sharing network designed to drive unlimited wealth and residual income.

  • Revenue Sharing – Paid 7 levels deep
  • New Advocate Signing Bonus – $100 enrollment bonus for every Advocate you sign up
  • Fast Track Incentive Plan – Paid every month to high volume Advocates
  • Make Everyday Payday – Watch your balance as it grows and withdraw your funds anytime with the click of a button


See how much you can make being a Jazzro Advocate with our Advocate Calculator!

Be An Advocate


Everyone can earn significant income with JAZZRO. Mulit-Level Marketers, Direct Sales Professionals, Marketing Consultants, Small Business Owners, College Students, and basically anyone can sell JAZZRO. Just sign up and they'll supply you with the easiest and most powerful small business marketing portal geared towards small business success. Upon signing up you'll be equipped with a simple but important marketing kit to get you started including Advocate business cards, brochures, and more importantly a digital presence with your own web site designed to promote your regular business or your JAZZRO selling efforts.

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